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Learn past tense in English

Asks a question and gives two possible replies. Patterns.
This is a demo app with only 7 examples, the full app has 400 examples. The examples are hand written by a native speaker of English.

Learn the past tense in English. Easy quiz with repeated patterns. Good examples hand written especially for this app.

The app asks questions in the past tense and you answer positively in the past tense. You will learn very quickly. Its really for beginners and those people who are not quite sure of the past tense.

I have included imperfect, perfect, past continuous, past perfect continuous. What more could you want? This is a very good app.

Listen to the sentences spoken out aloud if you want.
Shake the phone or press a button to proceed through the examples.
You can learn in bed with earphones and the screen switched off.

All examples carefully chosen to be good, modern, normal, common, not impolite English.

Even complex past tenses are learned easily with this app.

I used to be an English language teacher.

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